Graphium is the simplest way for an agent navigate cities and discovery Graffiti with IA models

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Use multiple agents

Walk on the map with one or more agents and run your search every step. Autonomy and smart based on simples rules the agents will help you to walk safely on any city of world!


Configure your swarm

Custom the way your swarm of agents will work. Put the number of agents, create a wishlist with places that you want the agents to visit among others configurations


Real-time analysis

View and analyze in realtime the agents going through the city selected by you. Interact with them or remove them from execution by analysis


Scale in the size of your problem

Runtime and customize how the agent walks on streets, all in a simple way in the interface.


See the pathbread

See over the map the pathbread of each agent easily.

Glauco Munsberg 2019